So where are we now?


We were inspired to put this site together to journal our Bike (Motorcycle) riding experiences since we spend most of our spare time enjoying the thrill of touring together on a Motorcycle, locally nationally and abroad when we get the opportunity.

This site is not intended in a vain "look at us" "look how lucky we are to be out in the open air" way but more so that we can look back on our adventures and also so that we can keep our families and friends  up-to-date with some photographs since we are a disparate group.

So we hope you enjoy the pictures and narrative (if there is any) as much as we are enjoying the journey.

You've got to dance like nobodyís watching, dream like you will live forever, live like youíre going to die tomorrow and love like itís never going to hurt.

Kind regards Tony & Wendy


If we are not with you then hopefully we are on the road


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